News Roundup for September 5th, 2014

Madoka's Fairy Godmothers

Remember Magic Knight Rayearth? It's back, in card form. Crusade is an anime-themed card game system that's made cardboard collectibles of such titles as Saint Seiya, Gurren Lagann and JoJo's Bizarre Adventure and CLAMP's classic magical girl show is next in line. Hikaru is all about direct damage, Umi is a control deck and Fuu wins via a creature swarm strategy. Enjoy the shiny new illustrations of the knights and their Rune-Gods when the set hits on November 21st!

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Girls Gone Wild

Wake Up Girls! Zoo is open for business and the buzz is that it's even better than the original. What do these three-minute shorts have that the full-length episodes lacked? The first installment is up on YouTube so you're one click away from finding out!

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Rice Powered

An individual grain of rice may not look very impressive, but give it the proper care and it will grow to support your stomach... and soul. The iOS game No Rice, No Life challenges you to farm 20 different types of rice with a set amount of resources. See if you can balance your growth and yields to unlock the legendary Rice Man.

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Finger Clickin' Good

Celebrate Colonel Sander's birthday by getting your hands on some meaty breasts and thighs. Kentucky Fried Chicken Japan is offering a deep-fried keyboard, mouse, and USB stick to three lucky Twitter users who say the magic words. Just sent a tweet to @KFC_jp with the following URL and the hashtag #KFCカーネルズデー for your chance to win an excuse for your PC keys being so greasy. 

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These Black Ships Proud to Be Red, White and Blue

Matthew Calbraith Perry Jr. brings the soul of rock 'n roll to Japan in the upcoming PlayStation Vita title, Bakumatsu Rock: Ultra Soul. This original character is voiced by Junichi Sawabe (Keigo Atobe in Prince of Tennis, Dandy in Space Dandy). See if Japan is ready to have its ecstasy super-sized when the game arrives in ports on September 25th.

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