News Roundup for September 3rd, 2014

Vocaloid in Disguise

Slim curves designed to move that are perfect for hugging... corners. I could only be talking about the GT300 class BMW Z4 driven by Good Smile Racing. Now Macross designer Kawamori Shoji has found a way to make that tight frame even sexier by transforming the car into a mecha version of Hatsune Miku! See animation studio Sanzigen make the magic happen in the clip above.

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Hatsune Miku Evolved

Shoji Kawamori isn't the only one redesigning Miku. The latest video from Mitchie M, "Burenai ai De," uses a new character model that's too cute for the screen, which is why it's breaking into the real world. The package for Digieye blue light-blocking eye drops doubles as an augmented reality stage, so pick up a box today and bridge the gap between the virtual and reality.

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Shopping at the Speed of Sound

Korosensei from Assassination Classroom can move at Mach 20 so buying local delicacies from every prefecture of Japan is easier than pressing the "add to cart" button. At least he has the decency to bring back treats for his students! After all, they won't have time to visit these places before he destroys the world...

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I Got an Eye on You

Cube Works, the geniuses behind classy knickknacks like the USB-powered humping dogs, are bringing out a charming figure of Migi from Parasyte with a light-up eye. Mold his bendy arms to wrap around your backpack or belt strap and take the little bugger on an adventure to your local anime club or the sushi restaurant. Imagine the look of surprise on the waitresses face when you flash her!

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A Lesson in Equal-opportunity Creeping

The trailer for Sony's fly-on-the-wall classroom simulator, Summer Lesson, is generating heat for using the Project Morpheus VR headset to empower the male gaze. But let's not judge in haste! What if I told you that there'd also be a totally hot bishonen to oogle, er, interact with? Can't argue with equality. Hopefully we can get an eyeful during the playable demo at Tokyo Game Show.

Keep a Palo Special in Your Pocket

The official Kinnikuman web store is offering this ultra-tough Warsman lighter. Boys, take note--even if you don't smoke you should always carry a lighter in case a pretty girl asks you for a light. And if she's a fan of Kinnikuman, flash her the Warsman smile and you'll make the ultimate tag-team!

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