News Roundup for September 26th, 2014

Magical Girls with A-peel

Otaku are buying bananas by the box thanks to this Pretty Cure and Chiquita collaboration. Each bunch comes with a sticker of your favorite chiquita--that's Spanish for bishoujo, get it?--not to mention a week's worth of potassium. And you know what's most bananas? This is the eighth time they've ran this campaign!

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Bound by Blood

KyoAni stays true to form with a theatrical adaptation of Beyond the Boundary. Given the surprise finale it would be nice for them to tie up some of the loose ends. We'll have to wait until spring of 2015 to see if we're blessed with a sequel or cursed with a re-cap.

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Lick 'em and Stick 'em

Hopefully the upcoming Parasyte anime doesn't suck as much as these suction cup novelty figures. As we like to say at AmiAmi, they're assorted according to maker's rate from 10 types so you won't know what beastie you pull until you pop the top.

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What do you do when the prisons can barely contain the growing mob of criminals? Build a bigger, better, unescapable prison, duh! In the 11th year of the Meiji era the population is growing agitated with the rapid Westernization that the government is pushing down their throats, and it's up to the three Kumou brothers to keep the peace by transporting rabble-rousers on a one-way trip to their new dungeon digs on Lake Biwako. Girls everywhere will be begging for a life sentence after watching this second Donten ni Warau preview!

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You Bring the Popcorn, I’ll Bring the Roach Spray

The epic battle began man and cockroach over control of Mars begins tonight. I'll have to watch this at a friend's house so the roaches in my apartment don't get any funny ideas…

Six Minutes in Heaven

The upcoming two-part Gargantia OVA will be set after the TV series and follows Ledo as he once again struggles to adapt to a new life--this time one without his trusted partner, Chamber. But there's no time for gloom and doom! Reema, a cute blonde from Kugel's fleet, has joined the Gargantia to train to be a messenger and I get the feeling that these two lonely hearts will hit it off. After all, what's a mecha show without a three-way relationship?

If that sounds too good to wait for check out the site below for the first six minutes of the film (sorry, no embeding)! 

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