Preview: Rozen Maiden - Suiseiseki & Souseiseki Complete Figure by WAVE

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This is Meshi, here to serve up another heaping helping of figure previews. With over a decade of history and an original brand of metafiction, Rozen Maiden is a modern classic. Today we look at two of its meticulously designed dolls. Let's dig in!

Rozen Maiden - Suiseiseki Complete Figure [WAVE]

The dolls of Rozen Maiden get their designs fine tuned with each new iteration of the series, though as you can see here Suiseiseki doesn't have much room left for improvement!

The most prominent change in this 2013 version is a softening of her facial features, especially in the eyes desu.

Where most doll makers would have stopped at two hair drills, good ol' Rozen gave Suiseiseki three. Sure that may not sound like a big deal, but the ultimate doll is in the details!

Sidelight this beauty for one of the most realistically textured dresses in scale figures today. Plants aren't the only thing blooming for Suiseiseki!

Take her watering can out of hand  for a gesture that leaves as much to the imagination as her modest attire. I have even less an idea what she could be doing here than I do about what's under all that green.

Wait a second… If Suiseiseki is here, that means her twin sister can't be far!

Rozen Maiden - Souseiseki Complete Figure [WAVE]

 Souseiseki's fashion sense and personality are the exact opposite of her sister's, flipped just like their odd eyes. And yet they compliment each other so well, as does this royal blue outfit and golden garden shears.

She has a warm heart but Souseiseki's icy glare will freeze the blood in your veins! 

Rozen has outdone himself yet again! Masterfully layered frills and baggy knickers didn't stop him from showing off Souseiseki's adorably pert posterior!

About the only thing these sisters have in common is how fantastic they look with sidelighting. The realistic wrinkles and vibrant textures make these maidens feel more like the living dolls of the series than static figures.

As with Suiseiseki's can, the amount of detail packed into this tiny weapon is no small feat. Oddly enough ,removing the scissors also takes the edge off of her tsun-tsun appearance.

They're sold separately but any self respecting fan will pick these sisters up together!

Rozen Maiden - Suiseiseki Complete Figure [WAVE]
Rozen Maiden - Souseiseki Complete Figure [WAVE]

*Photos are of a prototype and the actual product may differ.