Weekly Illustration: Milkin' It

Message from illustrator Chaa:

Moooooove over idol Amico, Lil won't be outdone by anyone (`・ω・´)! She isn't the first 2D idol to rock the cattle look but holy cow she looks good in it! Watch out for that Amico mascot though, she's just the right size to cause all sorts of ero antics...

Last week's illustration with fan comments:

>Very cute!!!
>Wow so pretty

Last week brought in lots of comments, thanks guys! The junior idol animes of late are so fashion forward. Cool, sexy, cute and above all kawaii!

>Chaa's masterful costume design brings out best from hinyuu.

Normally corsets are used to accentuate T&A but I just love how they look on little girls like Amico (;゜∀゜)=3!

>LilLil as an idol? That's a wardrobe malfunction waiting to happen lol.
>Lilco should have a more orthodox look. Maybe backless? How about see-through? I'm sad to see swimsuit season come to end already…

That reminds me of those magical accidents that used to happen on live TV. Curse you seven-second delay! Summer may be the season of skin, but the fall and winter means layered clothing--a different but equally lovely kind of moe!!

>What is a magical girl without a mascot, even if she is an idol?
>I want this Lil mascot, I want this Lil mascot, I want this Lil mascot (repeats endlessly)...

Who am I to defy the ancient law that all magical girls need a mascot sidekick (`・ω・´)? There's no rule that says you can’t make them your little slave though! I want this teeny plumper Lil for myself too (*´∀`*). What a great cushion she'd make!

Until next time, taa taa!