Hyperdimension Neptunia - Nepgear and Uni 1/8 Complete Figure by Broccoli

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Meshi, here to serve up another heaping helping of figure previews! Hyperdimension Neptunia takes an obvious idea--build a world for moe-ified gaming consoles--and runs with it in crazy creative directions.

Today we're looking at a pair of imouto still under warranty, the CPU Candidates from the anime. Let's dig in!

Hyperdimension Neptunia – Nepgear 1/8 Complete Figure [Broccoli]

A smile like that makes you want to put her in your pocket and walk away with her!

And look at that vibrant color palette! Whites and blues accented with pastel pinks and purples all held together with a bright yellow scarf. It's almost enough to distract me from the realistic fabric folds around her waist.

The game system that Nepgear is based on had the most impressive specs of all handhelds from its generation although her pose comes off as sort of retro by today's standards. There's something nostalgic about the glittering D-pad in her hair and her innocent raised eyes.

At first glance it appears that Nepgear is wearing a billowing skirt but no, her hips are simply that next-gen. Follow them down to the crafty carrying case on her thigh. What else could she be hiding?

I'm never afraid to go for a low angle to give you the lowdown, dear reader. Let's take a moment to appreciate the detail that went into the back of her dress that's hidden behind her hair. 'Gotta love the way those over-sized moon boots are too big for her skinny legs! Reminds me of how handhelds used to double as paper weights...

Time to put Nepgear down and pick up Uni!

Hyperdimension Neptunia - Uni 1/8 Complete Figure [Broccoli]

Uni's sleek black finish is a nice contrast to Nepgear's poppy tones. Notice the repeating circle motif in her ribbons, shoes, belt and more. Her outfit has a unified vision on par with the design of the hardware she's based on.

They say black is slimming, but with a fit that tight those curves are going to bust through! You know what they say, when God closes a door he opens an armpit. My mistake, that one's a Meshi original!

Notice the rectangular carrying case on her hip. Is it strange for an anthromorphic game system to play the hardware she's based on? Hold the phone, I just got the idea for my Hugo Award-winning sci-fi novel!

Her long hair, dual-layered skirt and bow are frozen in mid-air as if we paused the action. Take a screenshot, otherwise the image will burn into the display if you leave it too long--trust me!

These girls offer plenty of content by themselves...

...but they also connect for link play! Nepgear comes with special hand parts to hold hands with her best friend. It's no coincidence that their combined pose forms a heart. These two were meant to be together!

(*NOTE: The figures have different release dates.)

Side-by-side the two CPU Candidates appear as different as night and day but go together like chocolate and peanut butter.

Pray for peace in Gamindustri ! Tee-hee

Hyperdimension Neptunia – Nepgear 1/8 Complete Figure [Broccoli]

Hyperdimension Neptunia - Uni 1/8 Complete Figure [Broccoli]

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*Photos are of a prototype and the actual product may differ.