Preview: Excellent Model - Space Dandy: Honey 1/8 Complete Figure by MegaHouse

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This is Meshi, here to serve up another heaping helping of figure previews. Space Dandy is as slick as pompadour pomade and as loud as the rockabilly culture that it takes design cues from. And although the show is drenched in 50's Americana, you won't see the perky staff of BooBies in poodle skirts--or much of anything, really. Let's dig in!

Excellent Model - Space Dandy: Honey 1/8 Complete Figure [MegaHouse]

Would you expect proportions anything short of bombastic from the BooBies poster girl? Whether you're looking for an eyeful of T or a seat full of A, Honey offers first-class service with a smile.

Let's move into the VIP section for a better look. What can I say, I'm her best customer. People travel across the cosmos for a glimpse of her zig-zag blonde hair and va-va-voom body. Me, I like to be close enough to look deep into her pearly-pink eyes. My god, they're full of stars!

The dangling threads on her too-tight top are one tug away from spilling the secrets of the galaxy. It must be this pursuit of knowledge that keeps Dandy coming back time and time again.

The male gaze will logically travel from her eyes to boobs to butt to legs. Connect the dots for a sexy S-shaped constellation. When our ancestors looked up at the stars, do you suppose they imagined beautiful blondes like Honey in them?

Heart-shaped butt cleavage? The future can't come fast enough! I'm finished with Earth women (not that I ever started)--alien babes or bust!

Don't tell anyone, but once you fill up your point card you can have the BooBies girls step on you. I'd prefer their uniform to have high heels instead of loafers, but I'm here for the view today. If her waist got pinched in any further it would collapse on itself into a black hole!

Here's a peeper shot courtesy of the Hubble telescope. Oh sure, her teardrop-shaped breasts are definitely enough to make a grown man cry. But the main attraction is the subtle bit of tummy pudge, a veritable spaceport to lay down your lonely heart.

And where would a bubbly sex bomb be without her duckface? Is she winking and blowing you a kiss, or getting ready to take a selfie? The choice is yours, baby.

If Honey alone wasn't enough to satisfy she comes with a tray of cosmic treats. No joke, these miniatures represent the pinnacle of figure technology. Modeling tasty looking curves is par for the course. Modeling tasty looking food is the sign of a master.

The figure looks even better lined up with Dandy, if that's possible. It's like a shot straight out of the show! Though I can't remember an episode when Dandy managed to look so cool next to Honey...

Excellent Model - Space Dandy: Honey 1/8 Complete Figure [MegaHouse]

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*Photos are of a prototype and the actual product may differ.