Weekly Illustration: Idol-izing Amico

Message from illustrator Chaa:

This week Amico's an idol!

I've wanted to draw this situation for a long time and I juiced it up by making her a magical girl idol!

Lilco plays the role of the cute mascot. I can imagine her facing Amico's (adorable) wrath after eating her snacks (・∀・) 

Last week's illustration with fan comments:

-This illustration cleanses my blackened heart.

I got a ton of comments this week too! Keep 'em coming.

This week's Amico is unusually(?) straightforward.

Can't go wrong with kimono. (*´∀`) 
Imagine, a lonely hill empty save for the moon in the night sky. Suddenly a beautiful girl stands before you! Boy I'd like that to happen to me in real life!

-Amico's weak point is her hair, huh.

Amico melts like butter when you pet her widdle head. (*´∀`) 
Her magic turned her pigtails into bunny ears. Just imagine how fluffy they'd feel to the touch. (`・ω・´) 

-Oh no, a full moon! Quick, call Piccolo to blow it up before Amico goes ape!

Too late buddy, you just bought yourself a one-way ticket to the next dimension! (lol)

A were-bunny would be fatally cute, if nothing else. (*´∀`) 

Ack, I'm getting Night of the Lepus flashbacks!

-I eat skewers from the side, not the front. Her left hand grip makes the sticks look like suriken.

-I go pointy-side first until I'm stabbing myself in the back of the throat, then take the last bite from the side.

There's no wrong way to eat a dumpling.

Just don't poke anybody when you're done! That goes double for Amico.

-If only Lilco had taken a bite and given it back, it would have been an indirect kiss.

A yuri eureka moment. (*´∀`) 

And a mental image that I never want to get rid of.

-I was hoping to see Lilco hippity-hop into the scene...

Having both heroines at once would have given our readers a pyon-pyon heart attack! Lucky for you Lilco was too busy eating to show up.

But point taken--we need a pin-up shot of Lilco, and soon...