Preview: Ninja Slayer - Vayne of Sokaiya Complete Figure by Aquamarine

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In the Ninja Slayer novels, mild-mannered salary man Kenji Fujikido's family is killed in a ninja turf war and he becomes possessed by the spirit of the legendary ninja Naraku who aids his quest for revenge. The streets of Neo-Saitama will run red with the blood of his enemies!

Ninja Slayer - Vayne of Sokaiya Complete Figure [Aquamarine]

“Wasshoi!” Hope you like this trademark battle cry because you're going to be hearing it in your dreams once the anime adaptation by TRIGGER hits next year.

The Shachihoko gargoyle at his feet features a subdued color scheme that contrasts with the blood crimson of the avenging warrior standing above. How does Ninja Slayer stay balanced on his tip-toes as he jump kicks into space? Because he's a ninja, duh!

Moving any closer would put me in range of a fatal open palm strike! The things I do for you, dear reader. You can see the killer instincts of Naraku shining through the figure's crazy right eye. His armor and cape are made of blood, hence the sinuous organic form.

Each finger is exploding with pure danger. Watch out for the windup on his right hand--one punch all it takes! Feel the karate energy pulsing from head to toe.

Click on the image to get a nice look at the opposite side. The detailed folds sculpted into his outfit and gauntlets are the thing of madness. His equipment knows more battles than his foes know ways to die, but Ninja Slayer is all too happy happy to enlighten the foolish.

From behind we can feel the pathos of the character, a man seeking revenge for his family's murder. And with totally ripped muscles like that, I feel just as bad for whoever stands in his way. He's equipped for any situation--just check out his utility belt and the precision detail that went into the sculpt.

Swap the head to bring some of Kenji Fujikido's humanity back to Ninja Slayer. His gaze is focused, his will unflinching... it's a bad time to be a ninja, let me tell you.

It wouldn't be Gotham City without gargoyles, right? Well, it wouldn't be Neo Saitama without the metal Shakohoko statues! The rusted paint job and molded rivets make it feel like a solid piece of metal. Note the biomechanical bits of tech inside the mouth--wicked to the max!

Speaking of wicked, Ninja Slayer looks even sweeter bathed in shadow. We took his fight to the death from the dingy streets of Neo-Saitama to our studio with some clever lighting. Add some flickering neons for a retro-future cyberpunk feel!

This impressive sculpt stands 36cm tall, making it the perfect companion for your katana and throwing stars. Bring the forbidden secrets of deadly ninjutsu to your figure shelf--IF YOU DARE!
Ninja Slayer - Vayne of Sokaiya Complete Figure [Aquamarine]

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