Preview: Princess Lover! - Yu Fujikura 1/7 Complete Figure by OrchidSeed

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Meshi here, ready to serve up another heaping helping of figure previews. 4 out of 5 eroge agree: having your own private maid is pretty awesome. Today's figure gives me no reason to believe otherwise. Let's dig in!

Princess Lover! - Yu Fujikura 1/7 Complete Figure [OrchidSeed]

Did somebody call for fan, er, room service? Yu's minimalist maid uniform and excessive body will have you messing up your bed faster than she can make it!

Forget the room service--call me a doctor if my heart beats any faster. How does she manage to keep her skin so soft doing all that housework? I mean, I'm getting calluses just looking at her smooth neck and clavicle.

I don't think this is what they meant by a strong woman being able to support herself... She's going to need a mop to clean up all the spillage from the side of her apron!

Yu's sinuous back is framed by a complex web of ribbons and frills. The texture variations in her outfit may be the only subtle thing about this figure!

Her frazzled expression becomes lighter when viewed from above while her bust looks even heavier! Kudos to the sculptor on the 3D mouth sculpt, a minor detail that takes major skill to get right.

The low angle is my personal fave. What a change of expression! Perhaps she's embarrassed by the gap between her apron and left breast? There’s nothing to be ashamed of Yu, especially with such a sexy back line!

The frills and folds of her apron pop really with a bit of creative lighting! Let's not forget to mention the semi-translucent paint job on her thigh-highs. I've got to find out what brand of detergent she's using to keep everything so white!

If cleanliness is godliness, Yu is simply divine. If you want to see what she looks like on laundry days, you'll have to pick her up for yourself *wink wink*. Just don't expect her to dust your shelf for you!

Princess Lover! - Yu Fujikura 1/7 Complete Figure [OrchidSeed]

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