News Roundup for September 1st, 2014

Don't Touch That Dial

Persona 4 Adachi Ending

The Midnight Channel has one more show scheduled before it goes off the air. The fourth Blu-ray/DVD of Persona 4 the Golden Animation will include the extra episode "Thank You Mr. Accomplice" that revolves around a certain "bumbling" detective. Safeguard yourself from spoilers and stay away from the Wiki until December 10th so you can unravel the alternate ending for yourself!

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Sense of Justice Matched Only by His Sense of Fashion

Shiro is looking snazzy in a new track jacket in the latest commercial for the remake of Fate/stay night. If the staff puts this much effort into animating his zipper, imagine what the fights will look like! Bask in the glory of the Holy Grail War when it airs on October 4th.

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Dress Like the Famicool Kids

Pulse Fighter shirt

Be a real life hacker and glitch your wardrobe with these pixel art tees inspired by the "Pulse Fighter" music video. Pre-order a shirt from the SPINNS homepage to wear your love for 8-bit beats and colorful sprites on your sleeve (and all over your body).

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Set a Course for Sentimentality

The upcoming two-part Gargantia OVA will be set after the TV series and follows Ledo as he once again struggles to adapt to a new life--this time one without his trusted partner, Chamber. But there's no time for gloom and doom! Reema, a cute blonde from Kugel's fleet, has joined the Gargantia to train to be a messenger and I get the feeling that these two lonely hearts will hit it off. After all, what's a mecha show without a three-way relationship?

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Try Not to Get Too Attached

Recap movies tend to be just that--recycled footage from the TV series projected on the big screen. But the Attack on Titan double feature promises new scenes, such as spending more time with the 104th Training Corps. A nasty trick for the plot to get its emotional hooks into us before ripping our hearts out! See how cruel this beautiful world can be in widescreen when the first film hits theaters on November 22nd.

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Genre Film Disasterpiece Theater

How do you jump from an episode about a sharp-shooting assassin to one about giant underground crocodiles without ruining the tone of the series? By doing everything completely ham-fisted, of course! The latest installment of The Next Generation: Patlabor promises to stay consistent with its over-the-top directing and B-movie plot lines when it assaults viewers on October 18th.

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Blast From the Past

Zegapain key visual

Old anime don't die, they just fade away... until they receive a Blu-ray remaster or, at the very least, a new illustration on their long-forgotten official homepage. The mecha title Zegapain aired back in 2006 but still has enough fans to warrant re-runs and the occasional website update. What overlooked mid-2000s anime do you think should be dusted off? My vote goes to Speed Grapher, but then again there's no accounting for taste.

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