Hanjuku Shoujo Served Sunny-side Up

Hanjuku Shoujo means "soft-boiled girls" but this music project is anything but half-baked. Electronic music label Exit Tunes has gathered some of the best female seiyuu to sing over tracks by top vocaloid producers. Last Note. featuring "Mako-chan" Aya Suzaki. Fuwari P featuring "Ika Musume" Hisako Kanemoto. Asa featuring "Sasha Braus" Yuu Kobayashi. If these names don't get you pumped up then your otaku brain is still under cooked. Put it back in the oven and listen to the compilation clip above until your gray matter bakes to a golden brown.

Akihabara GAMERS is running a limited-edition exhibit that looks into the girls-only academy at the heart of Hanjuku Shoujo. Your favorite voice actresses re-imagined as high school girls--what more could you want? Well, putting them in bathing suits is a good start. This project has legs (that go on for days)! I can't wait to see where they'll go next.