News Roundup for August 6th, 2014

Call of the Muse

Love Live! School Idol Paradise comes out for the PlayStation Vita on August 28th and puts you in charge of your favorite sub-unit, either Printemps, Bibi or Lily White depending on your copy of the game. Decide your outfits and songs to perform during the story mode, then head up on stage for a rhythm mini-game. Super waifu bonus mode: If you put on a good show, you'll be able to zoom the camera onto the member of your choice for some well deserved facetime.

Official homepage:

CLIMAX ECSTASY Spills Over the Stage

Bakumatsu Rock stage show

Bakumatsu Rock is bringing the laughs to the theater with a live-action musical production. They're billing it as an "ultra musical," so while savage guitar shredding is a given, the clothes-shredding transformations from the anime might be a bit of a stretch. Head over to the official homepage for headshots of the dreamboats playing your favorite freedom fighters.

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Lap Cushion

Save yourself the money and embarrassment of asking for special service at the maid cafe with this Oculus Rift-enabled lap nap simulator from Up Frontier. But don't think you can sit it and quit it--Unity-chan will deliver a devastating roundhouse if you try to walk away from her! Humanity is only one robot arm programmed to clean your ear away from utopia.

Official homepage:

Lock Me Up and Throw Away the Key

Prison School anime adaptation

The ero gag manga Prison School is bringing its painstakingly detailed sweaty butts, nip slips and femdom shenanigans to the small screen with an anime adaptation. Do they dare broadcast the buckets of glistening bodily fluid uncensored, or will it get the straight-to-DVD treatment?

Official homepage:

Hold the Wasabi

Fashion monster Ayamon is serving up tasty sushi-encrusted fingernails. This Nagoya-based blogger proves that you don't have to live in Tokyo to be a Harajuku girl. Head over to her Twitter and blog for shots of her mahou shoujo hair and nail art.

Twitter: @mqmx666