Hum Along at the My Melody Cafe

Don't be taken in by her button eyes and innocent expression--My Melody, the Little Red Riding Hood rabbit from the Sanrio family, is a force to be reckoned with in Japan. She beat out Hello Kitty for the top spot at the 29th Sanrio Character Ranking competition and the Onegai My Melody anime from 2005 blasts one of the craziest opening songs ever, Otomelody.

So when we heard that the same people behind the Kiki Lala Cafe in Shibuya were organizing one for My Melody, we were first in line! I recommend you do the same or you'll be waiting over an hour to get in.

The red riding hood coconut curry was spicier than those floppy ears let on. Speaking of, her ears are not quite bread and not quite nan but do a fine job of sopping up everything on the plate.

My Melody was so caught up playing in the garden with the butterflies that she didn't notice the delicious eggs Benedict in front of her. I'll feel bad about drowning her flapping friends in Hollandaise sauce but it must be done lest the full flavor of the bacon and fried fish go to waste.

The lemonade was delightfully tart, just like grandma used to make. Though the butter cookie ears may a better fit for the strawberry milk. This thick concoction came with chunks of fresh strawberries and the layer of cream was so solid that it stays at the top even after the milk is gone.

A fairy tale brunch needs a sweet ending so we ordered the almond red velvet almond pound cake. It's my favorite and My Melody's favorite as well--she took a nibble off the side! Look at the size of that bite mark. My, what big teeth you have. Just don't let her sink her fangs too deep into you as you exit through the gift shop!

Event dates: July 18th-August 31st
Address:15-1 Udagawa-cho, Shibuya-ku Tokyo
Parco Part 1 7F
Hours: 11:00-23:00
Official homepage: