The Lyrical World of Maya Takamura

Maya Takamura's art should be familiar to any hardcore arcade-goer. She's one of the most iconic names behind Konami's Bemani family of rhythm games, having worked on character designs for beatmania IIDX, Pop'n Music and Reflect Beat. Go ahead, take a minute to look up the songs Xepher, Blind Justice, and smooooch・∀・. I'll wait. 

The Kotobukiya store in Akihabara held a showcase of her work from 2008 onward that's being collected in a limited-edition art book, MIIKA. This includes the aforementioned Bemani illustrations as well as the Enie Tarot card collection she produced for Kotobukiya. I dig her Goth-pop style!

Something about her style draws in the artistically-minded. Just look at these fan illustrations! I bet they have plenty of practice drawing in the community notebook that all arcades have. 

Maya Takamura thank you

But Takamura wasn't about to let her fans show her up! She left this "thank you" note filled with scribbles of her most iconic characters. What, you can't name them all? Sounds like somebody needs to spend more time in the arcade!

Event dates: July 25th to August 3rd
Address: 1-8-8 Soto Kanda, Chiyoda-ku Tokyo  
Hours: 10:00-20:00
Official homepage: