Dwell - Dragon's Crown: Tiki -Adventure Result- 1/1 Complete Figure [Vertex]

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Meshi here, ready to serve up another heaping helping of figure previews. Much of Dragon's Crown's charm lies in the juxtaposition of grueling gaming and groovy girls. Among your allies today's figure is the smallest in stature but certainly not in sexiness. Let's dig in!

Dwell - Dragon's Crown: Tiki -Adventure Result- 1/1 Complete Figure [Vertex]

Fans will recognize the setting from the game's Adventure Result screen. The rustic coins and leather pouch do a great job of setting the scene for this figure fantasy.

Tiki's elongated ears and enormous eyes take a back seat to her truly magical twin tails!

Let's get even closer. For a 1/1 scale figure she sure is tiny! Nothing adds to the enjoyment of a figure more than knowing you are looking at a life-sized version of her, and her cute little wrists, and her adorable neckline and… You get the picture. Don't let the size fool you, though--Tiki is packed with detail. If "realistic fantasy" wasn't a genre before, it is now!

Changing the angle gives you a better idea of those details, especially in the skin folds of her neck and armpit. But then you were probably too busy thinking about how her butt was planted directly on that leather bag to notice!

I've forgotten about more bust lines than the average person will ever see. This makes it that much more impressive when I say that fairy cleavage is a first, though hopefully not a last. Moving down we get a good look at what may be the sexiest calf to ankle transition of 2014!

Insectoid wings on a bishojo don't bug me a bit! Like a beautiful dragonfly Tiki's wavy wings are semi-transparent and colored like stained glass.

Look at how much those babies stick out! How does she keep herself from tipping over? And so curvy! What? I am only talking about her wings.

Here's a view usually reserved for ants and worms. At this angle her expression is threatening to squish us under her feet. Oh, please do! Please do!

A bit of side light shows just how thin her flappers are, along with the thick textures of the rest of the figure.

Turn that light up to 11 and her hair goes clear too! Pick her up today and learn what other secrets she has in store!

Dwell - Dragon's Crown: Tiki -Adventure Result- 1/1 Complete Figure [Vertex]

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