Weekly Illustration: Even a Shut-in Can't Shut Out the Sun

Message from Illustrator Chaa:


Whoops, before I realized what I was doing I had drawn ANOTHER bikini illustration. It's now officially a series!

This week we're dragging our in-house pre-owned items expert Chiyuko-san out of the house to turn her milky white skin golden brown. You can't spend the whole summer indoors!
Though I bet she burns before she tans... ( ´ ▽ ` ) 

Here are a couple comments on last week's illustration from the Japanese blog:

-Oooh Gear-sama, my eyes aren't worthy.
-Delicious flat chest+bikini=win!
-That outfit is begging for a gun. 

Thank you for your comments!
I drew her with a cowgirl in mind so I'm glad that the readers caught onto the handgun connection. That's exactly what I was "aiming" for. (*´Д`) 

-A sunburn will lower the resale value when you try to trade her in for a new model.
-Wow, I thought tanned girls were extinct! Bring back the ko-gal!

Sun bleaching really hurts the collectability, huh.(;・∀・) 
My closet is 80% figure boxes. Seriously.
If I draw the Ami Blog girls as ko-gal I'm going full-blown yamanba with the white lips and everything, so you may regret your request. (lol)

Illustration requests from the Japanese blog:

-Gimme Lilco in a leaf bikini.

A leaf bikini huh, reminds me of a recent illustration and figure from Tony Taka.(*´∀`) 
Shells would be nice too. I'll add that to the “must draw” pile.

-There's another character with milky-white skin who deserves a nice tan... Bring out Chiyuko-san!

Ding ding ding, you guessed correctly! This week's pin-up is Chiyuko-san!ヽ(=´▽`=)ノ! 
You're right, she's as white as a sheet.
She never leaves the house, and when she does she avoids the sun.

See you all next time, and feel free to send me more questions, comments or suggestions in the comments!