Preview: T2 Art Girls - Yumemiru Hakoiri Musume "Yuno Narukami" 1/8 Complete Figure by SkyTube

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Meshi here, ready to serve up another heaping helping of figure previews. Illustrator Tony Taka has provided countless waifu in the past but today's lovely is the first one who's actually a bride! Rent a tux because we're going to the chapel to get married.

T2 Art Girls - Yumemiru Hakoiri Musume "Yuno Narukami" 1/8 Complete Figure [SkyTube]

Here comes the bride! Her white dress and skin set against her black hair makes for a striking two tone image. Is it OK to play ska at my wedding? I say my guests are allowed to skank, as long as they don't mess up the frills that run along the hem of my bride's dress like the boarder of frosting on a cake.

Looks like she already threw the bouquet but she's still holding onto the flower of modesty. Notice the corsage pinned to her hair and the rose blooming from her bra strap. The sculptor has planted plenty of detail to keep your eyes busy among the simple color palette.

It's not a bride without the blush and this low angle gives her plenty of reason to go pink in the face. Though her legs be crossed and her smile coquettish, I think we both know what happens on the wedding night.

You can feel the gentle swish of her ponytail cut through anticipation. The simplicity of her hairstyle and bra let you focus on the rich detail that the rest of the figure offers. I like the embroidery on the top of the gloves!

I'll never meet a girl like this in real life but that doesn't mean that I can't appreciate her realistic bust. No over-inflated beach balls here, oh no, these bottom-heavy teardrops slope outward and draw your eyes to the finely sculpted brassiere. ("Finely sculpted" being Meshi-speak for "cast-off enabled.")

Poor 'ol Meshi is too bumbling to assemble a corsage, much less pin one on, so imagine the technique that went into creating this PVC replica at 1/8 scale! The mind boggles.

You can't truly kiss the bride without lifting the veil so she comes with this removable accessory. The veil is made of translucent material that lets the light of the honeymoon filter through to her sweet face.

If her pure beauty wasn't radiant enough already we threw on God's porch light for this last shot. Is she an angel from heaven or a lucid dream come to life? Walk her down the isle to find out.

T2 Art Girls - Yumemiru Hakoiri Musume "Yuno Narukami" 1/8 Complete Figure [SkyTube]
*Photos are of a prototype and the actual product may differ.