News Roundup for August 20th, 2014

Consider Your Wish Granted

Selected Infected WIXOSS raised the stakes for children's card games and now the second season, Selector Spread WIXOSS, looks to up the ante again. Watch the new trailer with headphones on for full effect and I guarantee you'll be hearing voices in your head for the rest of the day.

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Meet the New Crop of Survey Corps Recruits

Kagoshima Jitsugyou High School show off a gymnastics routine that could floor a titan. Skip to the 2:15 mark to see them bring the choreography of "Crimson Bow and Arrow" to life without stunt wires or 3D maneuver gear.

The Ultimate GFE


Girlfriend (Beta) joins Shingeki no Bahamut: Genesis, Kantai Collection and Cinderella Girls as the latest smartphone game to be green-lit for an anime adaptation. The title boasts over one hundred girls and as many voice actresses, making whittling down the cast as difficult as deciding which to date. Keep your evenings open in October for when the ladies come knocking.

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The Suspense is Too Much to Bear

Divisive director Kunihiko Ikuhara (Revolutionary Girl Utena, Penguindrum) has been dropping cryptic clues about his next series, Penguinbear, since 2012. Now he's finally updated the homepage with a mysterious countdown. What could all the seemingly unconnected images mean? I'll leave it up to you Internet super sleuths to figure it out. My best is a collaboration with Kumamon.

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Start Training For Inter-high Now

Haikyu!! Tsunage! Itadaki no Keshiki!!, the upcoming 3DS title from Bandai Namco Games, lets you experience the events of the series from the perspective of one of six narrators with branching paths to take the story in a different direction than the anime. Train your team then take them to the court to overwhelm the opposing team with synergistic combinations when the game hits on September 25th.

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Love You to Death

Real-life yandere Seiko Oomori looks to leap out of the screen and stab you with her love knife in the music video for "Kyuru Kyuru." If you want to escape with your life try not to make eye contact but also avoid looking at the questionable items lying around her room. Back away slowly, slowly, until you're out of thrust range, then run like hell! A girl like Oomori won't give chase because she knows you'll be back for more in a week.

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Stop Piracy in the Sea of Information

With the No More Eiga Dorobou (Movie Pirate) characters being two of the most consistently popular costumes at Comike for the last 5+ years you have to wonder what took so long for them to get their own goods. Even the Figurarts only came out this year. Oh well, better late than never--like this news. The campaign just ended last Sunday!

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Samurai Pizza Cats

Forget America's Push for Pizza, Japan's got Puss for Pizza! If only the feline workforce of Pizza Cat were as efficient as the app. The website list the average wait time at 500 hours, and then only if they feel like it come your turn. But hey, the (small) chance to win an original Pizza Cats pet hat more than makes up for the wait and the hairball toppings!

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