News Roundup for August 13th, 2014

Ohh Lalala!

We still don't know what Durarara!! means but we do know that the tales about the most dangerous dudes in Ikebukuro has been green-lit for a second season. The main cast will stay on board except for the animation production that has been passed off to Studio Shuka. We'll have to wait to know what this entails for the animation when it airs next January. Enjoy this new key visual in the meantime.

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The Future Just Got a Little Less Bleak


Just because you are a sub-standard humanoid doesn't mean you have to play games like one! Enter Oculus Rift, the headline stealing virtual reality technology 1000 years ahead of our time, making it a perfect match for the Animation Festival in Tokorozawa's Knights of Sidonia simulator! With attractions like this, free workshops and the planned IA -ARIA ON THE PLANETES concert this may be one festival the AmiAmi Blog needs to add to our annual rounds!

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Transgenders: Bishonen in Disguise


Would he love me if I were a real girl? Does he only care about me because I am a transgender witch or because of who I am on the inside? What if someone finds out my secret? These and many other questions are explored in Witch Boy Magical Piece, the new BL ADV game "For Fujishi, By Fujoshi." Android users can start getting to the bottom (or top, if that's your preference) of this confounding romance with the link below starting today!

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With Great Power Comes Great…Boredom?  

What if your chuni-byo powers were real... but you didn't have any evil organizations to fight? That's the stupendously mundane challenge facing the cast of Inou Battle with Everyday Life, a light novel that's being adapted into an anime by Studio Trigger. And if anyone can take the everyday and make it extraordinary, it's them! The new trailer gave us a taste of what to expect and the website updated with following cast announcements:

Yoshimasa Hosoya: Shizumu Sagami

Kaori Fukuhara: Mirei Kudo

Takuma Terashima: Hajime Kiryu

Kaori Nazuka: Shiharu Satomi

Emiri Kato: Madoka Kuki

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Love is a Battlefield


Modern fandom is war and dodgers will be punished by missing out on all the exclusive swag to be had at this year's Comiket. Soldiers who line up the day (days) before, on the other hand, will be able to proudly strut their stuff wearing these new KanColle goods by Nijigen Cospa like medals of honor for the rest of the 3-day event. We'll see all you true patriots at the Tokyo Big Site encampment bright and early this Friday morning!

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Tiger, Fire, Cyber, Fight the Power, Jya, Jya!


Otaku united to stick it to the man when outdoor music event ROCK IN JAPAN FESTIVAL banned glow sticks in an attempt to stomp out the nerd menace. Their weapon of choice? The closest thing to pen lights around--cucumbers and leeks from the concession stands. More proof that idol-ota are indeed the closest thing Japan has to punks!