Kotobukiya x AmiAmi Special Previews

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Hey there, Shizu Mecha here. Imagine my surprise when Kotobukiya said:



(・3・)< Why don't you take photos of some of our new goodies?

(・3・)< Go ahead and use our studio while you are at it.

...when I visited their headquarters recently! So here are some shots of 5 awesome new items that are a bit different from what we usually take in the AmiAmi studios. Enjoy!

S.R.D-S Super Robot Wars OG ORIGINAL GENERATIONS Alt Eisen Riese

I give you the birth of a new SD robot model series, S.R.D-S! First in their lineup is Alt Eisen Riese from Super Robot Wars OG. I don't know whether to call him cute or cool...

How about both?! For an SD model he is awfully SP too. That's Super Posable. And this fragile sample doesn't even move as much as the planned production version!

All these dense parts, and they virtually all move! Sure, Alt Eisen has gotten a plastic model before, but not with a Revolving Bunker!

The first release bonus parts are a Plasma Horn and these intense effect parts. What are you waiting for?!

Rebuild of Evangelion - EVA-13 1/400 Plastic Model

The key to saving the world, EVA-13, in teeny tiny 1/400 scale. As small as that sounds he still stands at around 19cm tall without spears! You'll notice I used Mechanical Base Flying 3 for these shots but keep in mind that it isn't included with the kit.

At first glance 13 looks a lot like Shinji's original Eva. Staying true to the model series, it's also loaded with incredible surprises like the poseable mouth and throat piece!

These four defense units stand on pedestals sprouting from what look like AT fields.

There isn't a scene in the film you can't reenact with the interchangeable chest part and its extra set of arms! The fight with Unit-02 is just the beginning of what you can do!

These spears tower above the model at around twice its height!

Kotobukiya's design captures the organic machine quality of the Eva perfectly. Now capture one for yourself!

Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water - N-Nautilus Ship 1/1000 Plastic Model

How has it taken 24 years for the iconic sub from Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water to get a model?!

I'd say maybe the designer was compensating for something with all this excessive mech, but he is none other than Ikuto Yamashita of Eva fame!

I wonder what happens when I give this booster a spin...

It moves!!! And not just in one spot, the front wings expand as well!

The base is modeled after the holy grail of the series, the Blue Water, and looks even better in person. You can't tell, but it is actually a sticker on the inside of a clear plastic part.

The bridge and canons come pre-painted making this an ideal kit for a beginner to build.

Now on to what the figure fans have been waiting for...

STREET FIGHTER Bishoujo - Juri

Juri looks every bit as cool as you'd expect from someone code-named Spider!

With help from Junya Yamashita she also looks as alluring as she is deadly!

DC COMICS Bishoujo DC UNIVERSE - Batwoman

And finally we have the most recent incarnation of Batwoman that took the DC universe by storm a few years back. This unpainted sample doesn't feature her trademark black and red colorway but it does give a great look at the sculpt of the suit!

Being another Junya Yamashita sculpt Batwoman got an expression to match her enchanting body. Sorry guys, you can look but only the ladies can touch this one.

The production version will also feature an interchaneable bob cut, so come back to the AmiAmi Blog later for more on that!

A huge thanks to Kotobukiya for allowing me to run wild in their studio!



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