News Roundup for July 9th

Any Excuse to Party

The cast of Gintama are getting into the summer festival spirit in these Ichiban Kuji character goods! Look for them dressing in yukata and chowing down on street vendor snacks when the series goes up for grabs at convenience stores across the country mid-July.

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Still No Fedora


Self-proclaimed hat lovers CA4LA show their soft spot for magical girls with their second line of Puella Magi Madoka Magica caps. The only thing that can hold this army of witches in check is the Law of Cycles pin on the bill. Just watch out for the Kyubey embroidery...

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Stationary Planets

Sailor Moon transformation pen

Turn study time into fun times with these Sailor Moon transformation pens. They'll look great sitting on your desk, clipped to your notebook or working as a cosplay prop!

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Super High School Level Prize Figures

Danran Ronpa Prize Figures 1
Danran Ronpa Prize Figures 2

You've got that right: A new batch of Dangan Ronpa kuji figures is coming in early October. 600 yen gives you a chance at a non-scale figure of Makoto Naegi or one of five of his classmates in SD-form. You're guaranteed to win something, so don't despair even if you don't pull the character you wanted.

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A Wife to Murder Your Waifus

Real-life yandere and singer-songwriter Seiko Omori celebrates her major debut single, "Kyuru-Kyuru," by screaming at her fans at Robot Restaurant. Check out the clip to see how scary it is when a 3D girl calls you "baka" but whatever you do, don't let her know if you feel uncomfortable! She feeds on your fear.

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Melon Master

Japan doesn't celebrate Halloween or carve pumpkins. Instead they worship the summer and carve watermelons! Or at least that's how Twitter user @beans3636 is spending their vacation. Head over to their feed for more fruity works of art.

Twitter handle: @beans3636