Weekly Illustration: Tanabata 2014

10:36 AM (Tokyo)

Why does it have to rain on the one day a year I get to meet my beloved Hikoboshi? If the weather doesn't clear up soon the magpies won't come to take me across the Milky Way to see him. I get that we are being punished for neglecting our duties in the name of love, but if my dad is the Emperor of Heaven the least he could do is lend us a rowboat to cross the river of stars. Oh well, I guess I'll use some of the cloth they force me to weave to make a teruteru bozo and wish for the best. What's your tanabata wish?

--LiveJournal entry from Orihime, July 7th, 2014

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12:18 PM 

Yaaaah! It just stopped raining. Have fun with your OTP Orihime!!
 PS: How do you like my cosplay?