News Roundup for July 7th, 2014

Boy Trouble

Remember the quirky indie OVAs This Boy Can Fight Aliens and This Boy Picked up a Merman? Animator Soubi Yamamoto continues her Kono Danshi (This Boy) series with Kono Danshi, Sekka ni Nayandemasu (This Boy is Worried About Turning to Stone). Find out what surreal story Yamamoto weaves this time when the title comes out in winter.

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CG Paves the Way to Paradise

In the far-flung future of Expelled from Paradise, the upcoming sci-fi flick written by Gen Urobuchi, the planet has been destroyed by the Nanohazard--presumably the nanomachine apocalypse--and humanity has retreated into an artificial reality . So when Angela and her partner Dingo are sent to the investigate the real world, they shouldn't be surprised to find themselves fighting to survive against the elements, bike gangs and wild mecha pilots. See what sort of tragedy Urobutcher has in store for mankind when it opens in Japanese theaters on November 5th.

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Fushigi Yuugi Meets Game of Thrones

Akatsuki no Yona anime

Princess Yona was the most pampered girl in the kingdom until Soo-Won, her cousin and would-be lover, kills her father and usurps the throne. Now Yona is on the run and on a quest to find the four dragon warriors to retake her birthright. Looking for a new shoujo fantasy show in the vein of The World Is Still Beautiful? Then keep your eyes on Akatsuki no Yona (Yona of the Dawn) as more details of the anime adaptation emerge.

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Set a Course for Sentimentality

The upcoming two-part Gargantia OVA will be set after the TV series and follows Ledo as he once again struggles to adapt to a new life--this time one without his trusted partner, Chamber. But there's no time for gloom and doom! Reema, a cute blonde from Kugel's fleet, has joined the Gargantia to train to be a messenger and I get the feeling that these two lonely hearts will hit it off. After all, what's a mecha show without a three-way relationship?

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Ninja Nation

Did you think Ninja Slayer was a joke? Some meme cooked up by goofy Twitter users? Well you were wrong. Dead wrong. Ninja Slayer has taken over Japan and now Studio Trigger is working on an anime adaptation to spread the Ninja gospel to the world. With Akira Amemiya of Inferno Cop infamy as director and Boom Boom Satellites providing the theme song, 2015 belongs to the ninjaheadz.

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Cruisin' Through a Night of Fire

Voice actress turned proletariat agitator Sumire Uesaka is back to shake up the J-pop scene with her fourth single Kitare! Akatsuki no Doushi (Rally, Comrades of the Dawn!) The hyper eurobeat backing track, Playstation 1-era  polygons and bosozoku bike gangs are a callback to everything amazing and obnoxious about pop culture before the Internet. (Yes, there was such a time!) Follow the video and learn the parapara dance moves so you'll be ready when the single hits on July 16th.

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The Darkness That Dribbles Near the Light

Kurobas anime season three

Swish! Kuroko's Basketball the anime just scored a third season to air in 2015! Details are still scarce but look for more info on the AmiAmi Blog soon!

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