Animate Panders to Girls und Panzer Fans

Attention troops! Animate in Akihabara is commemorating the theatrical release of the new Girls und Panzer OVA, Kore ga Hontou no Anzio-sen Desu! (This is the Real Anzio Battle!) with a mini-exhibit and our team just came back with reconnaissance photos. In case you missed the briefing, the OVA shows the fight between the Anglerfish Team and Anzio High School that the manga featured but the anime glossed over.

Oarai VS Anzio: Who 'ya got? Take a snap of your favorite team before the match with these lifesize standees. I'd say that this is your chance to cheer them on, but we both know how the battle will end...

Of course that doesn't mean I won't sit around to watch the fireworks! Anchovy is awfully confident in her secret plan, Code name: Macaroni Operation. Whatever happens, she and her crew aren't going down without a fight! Check out the gallery for a sneak peak at the action.

It takes a high level of paper craft to recreate the thrill of tankery and these dioramas land a direct hit. They represent the battle with St. Gloriana from episode 4, I'll Do My Best As Commander! Sorry girls, an ambush only works when you can hit the target. Bad times for Oarai, but good memories from the series.

My favorite part of any exhibit is always the fan art. There were enough illustrations to fill the message board and an entire notebook. I don't think the popularity of the series will tank anytime soon.

The Anglerfish Team is serving double duty as poster girls for the Oarai tourist board! Don't worry, that's not a tentacle monster floating in the water next to Mako--it's Araippe, a local mascot made of sardines. With those new swimsuit designs, I'd say another beach episode is in order!

The exhibit was rounded off with merchandise, including this Anzio-centric T-shirt. Don't let the color scare you off--there's nothing tougher than a guy with the courage to wear a pink top with anime girls printed it!

Event dates: June 26th-July 13th 
Address: 4-3-2 Soto Kanda, Chiyoda-ku Tokyo
Hours: 10:00-21:00
Official homepage: