Akihabara Street Life: June Edition

The AmiAmi Blog team brings you tons of Akihabara coverage from inside shops but the some of the most interesting stuff happens on the street. Where else are you going to find a Colonel Sanders statue repping Puyo Puyo? (OK, so it's the mobile game Puyo Puyo Quest, but still!)

Buckle up tight, we're about to hit the mean streets of AKB!

Beat Takeshi is sticking his tongue at you because his 3D-printed mug is taking up precious moe poster real estate. Never thought I'd say it, but 3DPD!

This wall on the Softmap next to McDonalds is a real bummer. They've been running Love Live! adverts all year but it's impossible to get a clear shot because of the trees. Sorry dear readers, we did our best.

Itasha drivers run the streets without fear of prejudice or the police. This road warrior up top with his Hatsuyuki Sakura cruiser proudly proclaims that he's been pulled over for questioning seven times this year. God speed to you! 

March Rabbit, the electronics knick-knack shop located off the main drag, has started selling coolant water for your KanColle ship daughter. By which I mean bottled water with an illustration of the destroyer Shigure on the label. But act fast--Pedobear looks thirsty, and I hear that he backwashes. 

This 1:1 scale Gundo Sniper Rifle apparently cost more to build than I paid for my car! You can enter a lottery to win this bad boy by purchasing the complete Blu-ray set of Chaika: The Coffin Princess. Animate had the model on display for everyone to oogle, but I wonder who will end up taking it home?

Until next time, may you always find a public restroom when you need one. Just follow the signs!