News Roundup for July 31st, 2014

Masters of the Cool Japan Universe

The first official announcement for Universal Studios Japan’s Universal Cool Japan (no, that title isn't one of our more avant garde gags) event is Attack on Titan the Real, an area that invites you to experience the misery of the title's characters first hand. Details are still scare other than the January 23rd, 2015 opening date, though we'd like to see an attraction where Levi yells at you to clean, one where you steal potatoes with Sasha and a water ride that ends with crashing through the hole in Wall Sina.

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C'Mon N' Ride It

Did the last blurb make you think that Attack on Titan merchandising has gone off the rails? Well, think again! It's firmly planted on the rails of the Seibu line in Chichibu, Saitama for a smartphone stamp rally. 3DMG over to the official site for more visuals and details on how to play (Japanese only, sorry!).

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Hollywood You Believe It?

Hollywood is once again looking to Japan for inspiration, a trend that is finally starting to be more palatable. Next up on the chopping block is GTO's Soul Reviver. What happens when the director of The Last Samurai tries his hand at a story that takes place in the world between life and death is anyone's guess. Let's just hope this doesn't end up in pre-production limbo like the titular souls (and most of the other optioned mangas).

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Lord Have Merci

Dragon! Dragon! Rock the Dragon! Dragon Ball Chic! Japanese clothing label mercibeaucoup, is changing their target market from trendy fashionistas to otaku hipsters with their new Dragon Ball line. Ladies, be sure to accessorize with a hentai scouter before hitting the streets in your new duds; AmiAmi Blog staffer Boke Nasu will propose to any woman in a Mr. Popo dress on sight and his power level is well over 9000.

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Get Your Finger on the Pulse of Cool

Going from hipsters to chipsters, animator m7kenji and chip star TORIENA have come together to make the ultimate chiptune music video for TORIENA's new single Pulse Fighter. The .nsf beats and sprite animation combine into an 8-bit opera that will make your head bob and your heart throb. Listen to TORIENA's full album A.I Complex (better yet, buy it!) on the MADMILKY website below.

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