News Roundup for July 29th, 2014

A Story Always Has Two Sides

The summer anime season has just started but already new shows are being revealed for the fall. The latest tease is Ushinawareta Mirai o Motomete (In Search of the Lost Future), an ero-ge about students preparing for the school festival who get sidetracked investigating strange phenomenon on campus, including ghosts, sleeping sickness and a string of freak accidents. Studio feel. (Kiss x Sis, Outbreak Company) and director Naoto Hosoda (The Devil is a Part-Timer!, Future Diary) will be there to help us solve the mystery in October.

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Colors Soft Enough to Make an Ita-sha Painless

Italian car maker Fiat shows their love of cute girls doing cute things with this Hanayamata-themed paint job. The voice actresses even came out in floral camouflage kimono to comment on how cute the retro design is. Just like the show that inspired it, the car puts a smile on the face of everyone who sees it.

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Look What the Cat Dragged In

The original character good huckster, Hello Kitty, has run out of things to collaborate with on the land so she's turning her beady eyes to the sea. The deep, deep sea. When they pulled her out of Mariana's Trench she came back cuddling a giant isopod, giant squid, giant oarfish and flapjack octopus. Look for these designs on a slide-out compact and hope that next time she comes back with a goblin shark or sea lampray.

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Levi Looking Good in a Summer Yukata

The cast of Attack on Titan keep their hearts dedicated to convenience store Lawson with the new run of collaboration goods. Pick up the titan footprint-shaped bread, yogurt jelly in character novelty cups or Sasha's chocolate potatoes, then enter your receipt information online for a chance to win a wall clock, clear file, hand towels or other prizes.

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Oh, You

Manga author Takahiro is having one heck of a year starting with the anime adaptation of his title, Akame ga Kill! and now he'll be working with director Seiji Kishi (Angel Beats!, Persona 4 The Animation) on a new show this fall, Yuuki Yuuna wa Yuusha de Aru (Yuuna Yuuki is a Heroine, or YuYuYu for short). Is there room on the airwaves for another high school student slice-of-life comedy based on a yon-koma manga? Japanese fans say "Yes!"

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Now You're Phoning with Power

Twitter user @qunzou shared this photo of his co-worker's homemade cell phone hack that turned his Galaxy into the future of Portable Power. Pretty slick, but he'll have to make Dr. Mario playable on the touch screen before he makes a believer out of me!