Preview: PS3 Shining Resonance Limited Edition Bonus -"Kirika Towa Alma Swimsuit Ver." 1/7 figure by Alphamax

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Meshi here, ready to serve up another heaping helping of figure previews. Tony Taka and Sega are back with the latest installment to the Shining series' fourteen year legacy, Shining Resonance! Today we look at the limited edition game bonus: a 1/7 scale figure of heroine elf Kirika Towa Alma. Let's dig in!

PS3 Shining Resonance Limited Edition Bonus -"Kirika Towa Alma Swimsuit Ver." 1/7 figure [Alphamax]

Cute but sexy. Youthful but mature. Sparkling eyes and a sparking body. Yep, we're looking at another Tony classic! She's so sweet that she makes the sandy beach base look like powdered toast.

You can see the chest and butt cleavage from the same angle?! Must be elven magic!

While the clear parts add a touch of fantasy, the subtle hints of bone structure and body lines bring us back to reality.

Look from a little higher up and that elven magic gets a major stat boost!

Here I am focusing on that high angle when the real show was down below! Her expression seems to change from down here too, as if she is embarrassed that you found her secret.

Even the behind gets better from the ground view! You may want to display her on a high shelf to take full advantage of all she has to offer.

Pop off the pareo to see more of her glossy white bottoms! If you squint you'll also find traces of pale orange where her skin is shining through.

The soft flesh covering those shoulder blades looks just as real as her skeletal structure!

Back lighting figures isn't usually recommended but this is a fantastic exception to that rule! Shining Resonance drops in December, so while all the norms out there are spending time with their families I will be having fun in the sun with my PS3 and this Kirika figure!

Sega was kind enough to provide us with a rough illustration and a few words from Tony himself!

Character designer Tony Taka’s comments:

Hey everyone, it's Tony. I am very proud to share what I believe to be an industry first: a deluxe 1/7 figure for a game pack-in! Even I was shocked by the idea, haha! Kirika's bikini is based on her original costume and features the Japanese motifs you'd expect. Since she is at the beach I went with the blue and white color scheme and tried to throw in a hair accessory to fit the setting. Note that she looks a little embarrassed by the choice of swimwear! Now I guess everyone is wondering if this is based on a scene from the game...

I've worked with Alphamax on figures in the past and can assure you that the quality is top-notch. I really liked how they gave her just a little extra flesh and softer curves. They also made the mini pareo removable so you have a few posing options to consider. I can't wait for the game to come out!

Oh, and these limited edition figures are built to order so fans who absolutely must have her may want to act fast.

--Tony Taka

PS3 Shining Resonance Limited Edition Bonus -"Kirika Towa Alma Swimsuit Ver." 1/7 figure [Alphamax]


*Photos are of a prototype and the actual product may differ.