News Roundup for July 2nd, 2014

Muse Members Get Crafty

Nico Love Live papercraft

Twitter user @3_4__ANGELFACE gives depth to our favorite 2D characters with this series of Love Live! paper craft. Check out his account for more retweet-worthy cut-outs.

Twitter account: @3_4__ANGELFACE

Meet Your Candidates

Idol Incidents mobile game

Japan's economy is in the toilet after years of deflation. The unemployment rate is at an all time high and motivation is at an all time low. There's only one thing left that can save the failing nation--idols! 47 girls, one from each prefecture, fight over demographics to become the next Prime Minister in Idol Incidents, the upcoming smartphone game from 5pb. Find the girl whose moe points match up with your political views and rock the vote when it's released this fall.

Official homepage:

A Whole Lotto Kill la Kill Merch

Kill la Kill Ryuko Ichiban Kuji
Kill la Kill Mako Ichiban Kuji

Ichiban Kuji is back to kill your wallet. 600 yen gives you a chance to win a Kyun-chara of either Satsuki, Ryuko or Mako, a face towel made of life fibers and grindhouse-inspired posters. Save up your lunch money so you can play 'till you pull the ones you want this August.

Official homepage:


Street Fighter II smartphone cases

Let the world know where you stand on the totem pole of life with these iPhone5 cases adorned by battered and bloodied Street Fighter II game over portraits . Hop on over to Suzuri, Japan's answer to Etsy, to get your kicks (to the face).

Official homepage:

Kaiju Cutie

Oarai in Ibaraki prefecture is known as home of Girls und Panzer--but now it has to share this distinction with Araippe, the town's newest yuru-chara mascot. Imagine the local's surprise when this mass of shirasu fish washed up on the beach. Is the creature fallout from the Fukushima disaster, or the blessing of nature? The answer depends on how much tourism it can drum up for the city.

Black Butler Joins the Circus

The circus is coming to town--and it's taking your kids with it. Ciel and Sebastian are summoned to investigate a string of child disappearances and all signs point to the traveling freak show that is Noah's Ark Circus. Prepare for pandemonium under the big top when Book of Circus, the new Black Butler series, debuts July 10th.

Official homepage:

Dive Into Summer at Lawson

Convenience store chain Lawson is keeping the eternal summer going for as long as possible with a second batch of Free! goodies. As always you can save your receipts for a chance to win rubber straps, clear files, towels and a sporty Lawson's jacket--as if you needed a reason to pick up the original character goods!

Official homepage: