Even the Curry is Black at M3: The Dark Metal Cafe

We haven't been back to Asagaya Anime Street since it opened last March, but when we heard that Shirobaco cafe had an M3: The Dark Metal collaboration going on we dropped everything we were doing to check it out.

So what's new since our last visit? The biggest change has to be that Minami Momochi, our favorite idol/DJ/doller, has her own studio to broadcast her Niconico feed. Stay tuned to her homepage for information about upcoming shows and events.

Shirobaco put up a collage to drive home how dark, demented and crazy the cast of M3 are. Crazier still was the corner covered in illustrations by staff from the animation studio Satelight including Nobunaga the Fool character designer Hirotake Marufuji and director Hidekazu Sato. 

BAM! The Shirobaco staff brought the Reaper's scythe hammer down hard on the yolk--err, core--of this Admonition disguised as a plate of black curry. Turns out the creatures are filled with hunks of spicy pork and smothered in a sweet yet hardy demi-glace sauce. Yum yum! 

Don't fear the Reaper! The Argent is more afraid of you than you are of it, a fact evident when it curls up into a protective ball. Leave it to Kawamori to design a transforming robot with an emergency fetal position. And leave it to a collaboration cafe to put spicy mayo over dry curry! I gotta say, they go better than you'd think.

Greatest mystery of the show revealed: It turns out the the Admonitions are made of black sesame seed pudding and they've got pickled cherries at their core. I'm calling it now: Lightless Realm is actually dessert heaven but was given a purposely misleading name, like how the vikings flipped Iceland and Greenland. We'll have to wait until next season to know for sure, but you can head over to Asagaya Anime Street now and draw your own conclusions. 

Address: 2-40-1 Asagaya Minami, Suginami-ku Tokyo
Hours: 11:00-23:00 (Monday-Saturday) 10:00-22:00 (Sunday and holidays)
Official homepage: http://shirobaco.com/