Preview: DominancE - Elisa 1/6 Complete Figure by DRAGON Toy

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Meshi here, ready to serve up another heaping helping of figure previews. The PC game DominancE was released in 2013 and lived up to its provocative title in every sense. Today we try to unlock the secrets contained within the voluptuous alien heroine, Elisa. Let's dig in!

DominancE - Elisa 1/6 Complete Figure [DRAGON Toy]

Elisa's body is out of this world! Then again, what did you expect from an alien? Major credit goes to DRAGON Toy for nailing creator Seishoujyo's signature style of meaty bodies and realistic faces.

Come closer, she won't give you space cooties. One look at her massive boobs splayed to infinity and beyond may give you vertigo, though.

If these are the clothes of the future I am going to start a strict diet and exercise program so I can live to see it with my own eyes! It could be my imagination but her barrette vaguely resembles a Space Invader. And are those UFOs capping her bustier?

From the back we see a perfect S curve in her figure, gorgeous hair so alive it looks like its own alien life form and a mysterious white goo leaking down her butt. I'm trying to be literal here but the setup just sounds outlandish!

A reader recently pointed out that I skipped over a character's lovely armpits, a mistake I vow to never make again. Elisa's are carved and painted so realistically that I can smell them. Hey--that's a compliment where she comes from!

Forget the side boob, check out that side pit! OK, maybe I am overdoing a tad. Of course you should look at the side boob, but only after her tummy and sexy thunder thighs.

Could this be the best belly of 2014? When matched with that pelvic line you'd be hard pressed to find another to beat it!

Does SF stand for Science Fiction or Super Freak? It's hard to make the call with these metallic white boots.

If you want to see more of Elisa, you'll have to take matters into your own hands *hint hint*. First things first--offer this alien visitor asylum on your display stand!

DominancE - Elisa 1/6 Complete Figure [DRAGON Toy]


*Photos are of a prototype and the actual product may differ.