Preview: ARTFX J - Attack on Titan: Levi 1/8 Complete Figure by Kotobukiya

"I swear to exterminate every last titan!"


Hey there, Shizu Mecha here. Whenever you see Mikasa and Eren, you know today's figure can’t be far behind. That's right, today AmiAmi Blog brings you humanity's greatest hope...


ARTFX J - Attack on Titan: Levi 1/8 Complete Figure [Kotobukiya]

Be sure to enlarge the photos to fully appreciate this incredible sculpt! ARTFX J pushed both Levi and their sculptor to the limits of mankind with this exaggerated pose! Looking at it you just know that a split second later a titan in going to find itself split it two. Thanks to the pose and the hefty tree base this 1/8 figure feels much larger than the scale would imply and stands at around 280mm tall.

Despite the wild action taking place Levi is as cool as can be--his mouth doesn't show any sign of emotion. Where Eren is piping hot with rage Levi serves up his revenge on the titans ice cold. Note that the right hand is holding the blade upside-down, a Levi staple maneuver! You'd expect nothing less than this skill and grace from mankind's greatest warrior.

As with the other figures in the series Levi's 3D maneuver gear has been painstakingly recreated from the source material and looks as real as can be. Even with his expressionless face the motion in his gear and the heavily damaged tree base let us feel the intensity of the scene.

Bringing the lights down shows you just how much small detail they managed to pack into his clothing and accessories!

The cape comes off to allow you to add Levi's signature cravat! You have to hand it to a man who doesn't discard his dandy fashion even in the face of extinction. The same can be said about his lovely hairstyle!

Here he is with Mikasa in a few two-shots to die for. Just imagine how cool they'll look with Eren thrown in the mix!

ARTFX J is known for going beyond simply making their figures look like the character. They bring the entire series to life and this Levi is no exception!

ARTFX J - Attack on Titan: Levi 1/8 Complete Figure [Kotobukiya]

C) 諫山創・講談社/「進撃の巨人」製作委員会

*Photos are of a prototype and the actual product may differ.