Preview: Armor Girls Project -Kan Colle- Yamato from "Kantai Collection" by Bandai

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Admirals of the world, Shizu Mecha salutes you from the Bandai Collectors' naval base! I bring with me good news from the front lines...

KanColle is joining the Armor Girls Project in the war against boring figure display cases! And what better way to enter the fray than with the jewel of the fleet, the flagship Yamato!

Armor Girls Project -Kan Colle- Yamato from "Kantai Collection" [Bandai]

A battleship among battleships, Yamato was the biggest and baddest (and most costly) steam-powered ship of her day. To think that all that steel has been moefied and shrunken down into this fully poseable 15cm beauty. Finally, a technology capable of ending all war on Earth!

Since this is a painted sample we didn't want to risk moving her too much, but with the production version you may pose in any way you can fathom!

What's more, all the barrels of her 46cm triple gun mounts move independently! Still not enough? Well, you can aim her 15.5cm triple gun mounts too! With all this firepower she is a walking WMD! That's "Woman of My Dreams."

This is the first time we have seen the full Yamato artillery sculpted for a figure, and with so much detail!

Sure her weaponry is large and in charge, but this figure is really all about the little details. Yamato has nothing less than the exceptional craftsmanship we've come to expect from the Tamashii brand!

Look beyond the guns and you will find realistic steps, paneling and even a smoke stack behind her head! The sculptor went above and beyond the call of duty and even studied the real Yamato ship for details not shown in the game's visuals.

Admiral, would you like a Ramune?

Marry me! (on bended knee)

You have four faces to choose from--Straight Ahead, a Leftward Glance like the game art, a Scream and Moderate Damage. With the damage expression I feel like her breast plate is going to blow at any second! Hang in there, Yamato!

Note that her rigging moves quite a bit for maximized posing possibility! So does just about everything else, including her prized ponytail.

Yamato runs a tidy ship and her outfit is proof! The red and white sailor suit and yellow accessories are as neat as can be and come with color coordinated torpedoes. Throw in the sakura hairpins and her mast umbrella and she's nadeshiko incarnate!

She also detaches from her rig allowing you to recreate Kanmusu R&R scenes to your heart's content. Talk about the perfect balance of adorable girls and awesome mecha!

Yamato, heading forth!

Normally you purchase figures, but I'll understand if you skip straight to proposing to Yamato. After all, no admiral, no waifu!

Armor Girls Project -Kan Colle- Yamato from "Kantai Collection" [Bandai]

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