News Roundup or July 1st, 2014

Live-action Lum-chan

Live Action Lum-chan

If Red Bull gives you wings, then Regain gives you the courage to fly overhead in a yellow tiger-stripe bikini. Daytime TV celeb Sumire certainly doesn't seem shy about it. She's no Ippongi Bang, but then again, who is?

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Moe, Redesigned

Axent Wear cat ear headphones

Axent Wear has dedicated scientists working around the clock to solve one of the greatest otaku conundrums of our time: How do you wear a Vocaloid hairpiece and cat ears at the same time? Their LCD-infused cat ear headphones are looking to cause a cosplay revolution, but they need your help! Stay tuned to their homepage over the following months for Kickstarter info and pics of prototypes.

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VRMMORPG Online Rankings

Your votes have been calculated and the first round of results for the Sword Art Online Awards are in! Unsurprisingly Kirito took best male lead and Asuna took best female lead. Head over to the homepage for a super-swag desktop background dedicated to the winners, and check back later this week as the fan favorite monsters, special attacks, music and more are announced!

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Just According to Keikaku

Sugoi Japan


Wai! Sugoi Japan is a government sponsored keikaku (keikaku can also mean "project," not just "plan") to have fans vote for their favorite anime, manga, ranobe and entame shosetsu. Waiting is dame dame, so let za warudo know what sakuhin (works) make you all doki doki and waku waku.

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From the Court Top to Your Desk Top

haikyuu pencil holder

The boys of Karasuno High School are setting up your stationery with the perfect toss! This new line of Haikyuu character goods from Takara Tomy are great for holding your pencils, smartphones and, uh, rubber bands.

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The Ride Starts July 7th

Imagine if your estranged childhood crush suddenly walked back into your life with a new name and not altogether convincing new attitude. Wouldn't you want to find out what changed them? Production I.G looks to answer this question in July with their anime adaptation of Ao Haru Ride, the story of a high school girl coming to terms with herself and a boy from her past.

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