News Roundup for June 9th, 2014

Binge on Bakemonogatari 

Shaft is out of excuses and they're finally going to air the final part of Monogatari Series Second Series, Hanamonogatari. The Suruga Devil arc will be adapted into a five-episode anime to be broadcast back-to-back on August 16th. Cross the fingers of your monkey's paw for simulcast subtitles!

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Live Girls! Live Ammo!

Girls und Panzer meet Rambo in Bullet Girls, the upcoming third-person shooter and tickle torture simulation title for the PS Vita. Join the Ranger Club where you'll learn how to lob grenades, handle firearms and shoot down helicopters with missile launchers. But take your foe alive so you can interrogate them with all the latest in soft S&M technology. Strap a feather duster to your rifle when it's released on August 28th.

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Summer Island Wars

The BL game turned anime, Dramatical Murder, takes place on a resort island overrun by gangs of bishounen who wage turf wars on Rhyme, a virtual world accessed via your adorable pet mobile device. See protagonist Aoba have his quiet life turned upside-down when he gets drawn into the fight this fall.

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Got Her Sticky Fingers All Over JoJo

Otaku superstar Shokotan had a standup performance this weekend at her fanclub-only event, Donyoku-kai, and now she's sharing the gold experience with the rest of us. Head over to her Twitter for more Araki-approved cosplay and bone-breaking Jojo-dachi.

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Hop on the Caboose

In an alternate reality where Japan's railways were never privatized, companies must protect their business with extreme force--and unflinching fan service! The anime adaptation of the light novel series Rail Wars! follows four high school students training to join the Railways Security Force who each bring their own baggage to the screen, both figuratively and literally. Have your ticket to ride ready for the TV premiere next month.

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I Got the Magic Stick

It's not a toy, it's a professional-grade prop! Or at least that's how I justify my hefty purchases of replicas such as this Cutie Moon Rod from Bandai. Just make sure to brush with your official Sailor Moon toothbrush before yelling out attack names or Moon Princess Halation will come out as Moon Princess Halitosis.

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