News Roundup for June 30th. 2014

Action! Suspense! Exposition!

Sword Art Online II promises all these things and more. Kirito proves that he's crazy enough to bring a knife to a gun fight when he logs into Gun Gale Online in search of Death Gun, a PK troll who's found a way to off people in the real world by killing their avatars. Let's see if the buzz lives up to the hype when the show premiers July 5th.

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Celebrating Five Years of Inspiration

The Love Live! TV series may have concluded but the girls of Muse carry on. They're celebrating their fifth anniversary with an animated movie and a real-life tour. Fans can vote for which cities the concerts will be held so plan your flight schedule accordingly.

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First of Many Sneak Peaks

The first trailer for the upcoming Strike Witches OVA trilogy, Operation Victory Arrow, has gone live. Our intelligence tells us that the 30-minute shorts will show what happens to the girls between the end of the second season and the beginning of the film. Strap on your thermal bikini bottoms and get ready to blast back into the cold of the stratosphere because the battle with the Neuroi isn't over!

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The Battle for Independence Begins

The new trailer for Aldnoah Zero, the upcoming joint between the Fate/Zero duo, director Ei Aoki and writer Gen Urobuchi, depicts earth invaded by humanoid Martians. Back in the 70's a warp gate opened on the surface of the moon, drawing Earth into conflict with Mars--though what the Martians want, or how mankind went from landing on the moon to manufacturing mechas in a few short years, remains to be seen.

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Today's Lesson: Aim to Kill

Assassination Classroom anime

As far as invading aliens go, the octopus-like Korosensei from Assassination Classroom is a gentlemen. He blows up half the moon in a show of power only to become a high school teacher who instructs his students how to kill him--though considering that he moves at Mach-20, he can afford to play around before fulfilling his promise to destroy the earth. The manga has been mega-popular and now we're getting an anime and live-action adaptation in 2015. All I want to know is, who's playing Korosensei?

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The Journey Continues

You didn't think the crew of the Sidonia would get off that easy, did you? Watch out Nagate, Benisuzume is coming for you and everything you care about when season 2 launches in October.

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SM Leather Goods

Sailor Moon leather purse and wallet

Always have a place to store your magical transformation makeup with this Sailor Moon-inspired leather purse and wallet combo. The other scouts get all the love so we figure this pink number is a shout-out to Chibi Moon. It's certainly cute enough to induce a Pink Sugar Heart Attack!

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