News Roundup for June 3rd, 2014

Too Cute For Words

How do you like your idols? The IDOLM@STER social game, Cinderella Girls, groups them as either Cool, Passion or Cute, and the key visual for Team Cute from the upcoming anime adaptation certainly lives up to its name. Get ready for more art of the other girls in the coming months, not to mention the show itself next January!

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The Devil Wore Pumps

Ultimate Madoka and Demon Homura monopolize every scene they're in, no thanks to their fabulous dresses. Shouldn't they have the shoes to match? Anime apparel maker 2PMWORKS agrees, which is why they've created two types of women's shoes that look downright godly. Slip on a pair and show off your divine fashion sense.

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Hotline to Your Psychic Friends

On the surface, Tokyo ESP looks like your standard "teens with psychic power show," but look closer at the latest piece of key art and reality begins to unravel. There's musclebound samurai, flying hippos and a panda that could very well be a guy in a fur suit. Get ready for all sorts of crazy when it hits the airwaves in July.

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Goof Troop

The Next Generation: Patlabor continues to go where no live-action adaptation has gone before. Episode 4 has the cast held hostage by terrorists at a convenience store and Episode 5 teases at a Labor-on-kaiju big battle. Prepare for giant robot slapstick when the third entry in the film series hits Japanese theaters on July 12th.

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Cryptid Cuddlefest

So you've fogged up Megane-kun's classes, shown Shota-kun what a grown-up woman is capable of and won the attention of your sempai. Ready to win over a new type of guy? Then Creature to Koi Shiyou! For Otome could be just what doctor love ordered. Take a walk on the wild side with either a bespectabled Cthulhu-monster or dashing giant isopod when dojin game maker Nostolgia releases their creation this August.

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For Those Who Donate Blood, We Salute You

Your love and money wasn't enough--Attack on Titan is out for your blood now. In yet another effort to harness the immense power of otaku for the greater good, the Japanese Red Cross has a new campaign that puts Hannes' life in your hands as he struggles to deliver blood in a titan infested part of town. Check out the free tile puzzle game at the site below and remember to do your part in the good fight!

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The Darkness That Dribbles Near the Light


Swish! Kuroko's Basketball the anime just scored a third season! Details are still scarce but look for more info on the AmiAmi Blog soon!

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Armchair Adventurers

Getting tired of recreating battle scenes with your POP collection? Well then, endless adventure awaits you in the upcoming PS4/PS Vita/Wii U game One Piece: Unlimited World R and you still don't have to leave the comfort of your bedroom! Follow along as Chopper and Usopp introduce you to the game's system, battles, quests and more in the trailer above. If you see a sign on my door that says "gone fishing," you'll know right where to find me!

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