News Roundup for June 27th, 2014

NRA Guild Accepting Memberships

The new trailer for Sword Art Online II reveals the motivations of the main protagonist Sinon. An unspecified incident left her terrified of guns to the point that even thinking about a firearm or making a pistol with her fingers is enough to cause a panic attack. So she delves into Gun Gale Online to overcome her trauma and learn to love the gun. If only Japan had laxer restrictions on firearms she could have saved herself the trouble and just gone to Walmart!

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Tower of Power

Eat your heart out Naoki Urasawa! You may have brought the Tower of the Sun and giant Showa robots back for the youth of this generation, but you didn't bring them back as one! This upcoming Super Chogokin even comes with period correct anatomical drawings that show its inner workings. Watch out for its nostalgia-powered laser beam!

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Maximum Tomato for Your Mobile Device

Kirby phone charger.jpg

Don't you hate when push notifications eat your phone's battery so it's dead when you actually need it? Well hate no more with this line of Kirby-illustrated chargers. They work with your smartphone, MP3 player or anything else with a USB outlet.

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Umbrella ft. Hatsune-M

Hatsune Miku umbrella

With the way Japanese summers are plagued by sudden storms, convenience stores might as well be emergency umbrella stations. These new Hatsune Miku plastic umbrellas from Family Mart turn a disposable commodity into a work of art with illustrations from CHAN-CO, 456 and Eri Kamijo. Expect to see fashion-forward otaku rocking them around town even when the sun's out.

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Monokuma Massacre

Ever wonder what happened between the two Danganronpa games? The upcoming spin-off title Zettai Zetsubō Shōjo Danganronpa: Another Episode answers the question with enough dead Monokuma to top a landfill. Take control of Makoto Naegi's sister and knock the stuffing out of those two-tone terrorists when the game hits PS Vita on September 25th.

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Before Chuck Berry, Joe Strummer or Dave Mustaine--there was Ryouma Sakamoto and his merry band of revolutionaries! Bakumatsu Rock takes the insane concept of samurai rockers fighting the shogunate with metal ballads and turns it into a rock epic of Spinal Tap proportions, or so I assume. Although the first episode hasn't even aired yet my lighter is in the air for an encore after watching this music video for the song ZanKyo -feedback-.

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