News Roundup for June 23rd, 2014

Close Encounters of the Moe Kind

Kanon scenario writer Naoki Hisaya is teaming up with up and coming illustrator duo QP:flapper to develop an original anime about a town with a UFO parked over it, Sora no Method. Some people would rather see them skip the anime altogether and get straight to the ero-ge, but I'm just happy that the team behind the character designs for Girlfriend (Beta) are getting more work.

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Foxy Dudes

Be careful when opening doors to the spirit realm--you don't know what might come through! In the case of Gugure Kokkuri-san, our Chu-2 protagonist is messing with Kokkuri-san, the Japanese equivalent of an Ouiji board, when she ends up possessed by a fox spirit with a face that would drive any fujoshi wild. See their supernatural hijinks pass over from the page to the small screen with the anime adaptation this October.

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Yes We Kanbaru

Shaft is out of excuses and they're finally going to air the final part of Monogatari Series Second Series, Hanamonogatari. The Suruga Devil arc will be adapted into a five-episode anime to be broadcast back-to-back on August 16th. Cross the fingers of your monkey's paw for simulcast subtitles!

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Ultra MILF

Mother of Ultra proves that she's still got it after all these light years by rocking a sexy floral swimsuit in this commercial for JR Hakata City's summer sale. I hope Ultraman Taro invites me to his next pool party!

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Show Me Your Moves

Naru Sekiya is a totally average junior high girl living a quiet life in her nondescript home town. Until one summer she discovers the magic of Yosakoi, a high-energy traditional dance performed by teams, and learns to see the world in a new light. K-On! meets You Got Served in the summertime scorcher, Hanayamata.

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Kill la Kiru

In the dark fantasy shonen manga series Akame ga KILL!, a boy named Tatsumi finds himself recruited by Night Raid, a group of ruthless killers sworn to retake the Capital from corruption. Here he meets the red-eyed Akame whose hunger for food is only matched by her appetite for destruction. White Fox will be bringing the title’s infamous gore and brutality to the small screen this July.

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Alpaca Facts

Alpaca, the woolly ancestor of the pygmy giraffe, evolved extendable necks to reach flying potato chips and give them an advantage over competing potatovores. Experience the feeding cycle of these majestic animals yourself with Alpaca Potato, the mobile game that's as addictive as the snack it's named after.

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