Meet Local Moe Mascots at the Plum Head Shop

Figure maker Plum recently opened a shop in Akihabara so we had to see what it was all about. Plum, Plum... now where have I heard that name? Oh, that's right!

They're the ones behind the recent wave of scrumptious GOD EATER scale figures! Plum has stepped up their game recently and it shows in the delicate balance between hard edge weapons and soft body bishoujo. But even with the big name game licenses, they're staying true to their local roots.

Meet Princess Suwa, a historic figure from the Warring States period who fell through a wormhole and landed in the middle of a PR campaign for Suwa City, her home in Nagano prefecture. She has her own band voiced by aspiring idols and is even the mascot for Plum's ita-sha racing team. 

Of course, Princess Suwa isn't the only girl Plum has produced to boost local tourism.

These days every prefecture, municipality and train station has their own moe mascot, and Plum is helping bring those 2D dreams to life. The bow-wielding cutie up top is Touhoku Zunko, PR character for the region north east of Tokyo (think the setting of Wake Up, Girls!) who is popular enough for her own Vocaloid module. 

Uja Chitose from Kyoto, Chita Musume from Aichi, Himetama from Tochigi and all their friends have been transformed into figures, juices and assorted souvenirs. If that wasn't enough cuteness for you, Plum also manufactures trinkets for yuru-chara, the so-bad-their-good mascots that are sweeping the nation.

It moe isn't your thing, Plum also makes plastic kits of space shooters, samurai robots and local shrines. Go ahead and laugh at the last one, but the shrine on the right is where  AmiAmi Blog photographer Disposable Henchman had his wedding ceremony. If his wife lets him put one plastic kit on the mantle, it opens the door for madness! Remember, marriage doesn't need to be the end of your hobby--it's the first step in a wonderful journey of explaining your passion to your significant other.

Address: 3-13-8 Soto Kanda, Chiyoda-ku Tokyo
Tokyo Kakuta Building 7F
Hours: 11:00-20:00
Official homepage: