Preview: Color Colle DX Kantai Collection -Kan Colle- Vol.2 9 Pack by Movic

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Hey there, Admiral Shizu-Mecha here. At ease, sailors. KanColle is an unstoppable marketing juggernaut, so what happens when it collides with the unshakably popular Color Colle DX series? Let's get this preview started and find out. Full steam ahead!

Color Colle DX Kantai Collection -Kan Colle- Vol.2 9 Pack [Movic]


Burning Love!

The oldest of the Kongo sisters makes her debut in the series! Her rigging is a new sculpt separate from her younger sister Haruna in the first series.


Takao, launching!

Takao follows her sister ship Atago into the Color Colle fray! Even in SD form she is as elegant and sexy as ever, right down to her garter belts.


There's no way I'll sink.

Yukikaze is unsinkable but my heart drops through the floor every time I see this tehepero face! Her playful spirit is captured in the sculpt just as well as her binoculars.


Abukuma will meet your expectations!!

She may be a light cruiser but her hairstyle is top class in all regards! Who needs firepower when you're as fabulous as Abukuma?


Tenryuu-chan hasn't been causing everybody trouble, has she?

Tatsuta's calm demeanor and peculiar design translate into SD size amazingly well! That mini halberd may be the cutest weapon yet!


Ikazuchi will fight for the Commander's sake!

Third in the line of Akatsuki-class sisters, Ikazuchi is rolling up her sleeves and dropping anchor into your heart! Pose her with Inazuma from series one for the full effect.


I will try my best with Zuikaku to try and live up to the names of my seniors in the first and second aviation divisions.


2nd of the Shoukaku-class aircraft carriers, the younger sister Zuikaku.

Not wanting to be apart, the Shokaku-class sisters demanded to be released in the same set! Their personalities couldn't be more different, or more perfectly shrunk down to SD size! Look closely for their initials in katakana on their breastplates.

You'll have to commandeer a box or two for yourself to see what the two secret characters rounding out the lineup are. Until next time, bon voyage!

Color Colle DX Kantai Collection -Kan Colle- Vol.2 9 Pack [Movic]

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