Preview: BEACH QUEENS - Galilei Donna: Hozuki Ferrari 1/10 Complete Figure by Wave

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Meshi here, ready to serve up another heaping helping of figure previews. Hozuki appears meek but watch out, this mecha master can do things you wouldn't believe with her power tools! But today she leaves the transforming firearms and explosives at home because we're going to the beach! Though who knows what kind of surprises she's got under her bathing suit? Let's dig in!

BEACH QUEENS - Galilei Donna: Hozuki Ferrari 1/10 Complete Figure [Wave]

As the youngest of the Ferrari sisters, Hozuki still has some growing up to do. Though I wouldn't want her to get hasty! It takes a certain petite physique to pull off this frills and inner tube combo.

The tide's receding and so is her hyper-flat tummy! Her body line is as straight and sharp as the compass used by master Da Vinci himself.

The only curves on this girl are the indents between her ribs. That and her anthill of a bellybutton. If you're looking for something more dynamic, go for the top. Of course I'm referring to her trademark flower hair ties!

With her left hand up against her chest Hozuki appears to be slightly on guard, as she should be. Don't worry, uncle Meshi won't let any of the bad men chasing you ruin our day at the beach.

Normally an open back swimsuit would look inviting, but with Hozuki it just makes you want to protect her even more. I mean, look at the way her soft skin is pulled taught over her shoulder blades--somebody needs to look after her!

Hozuki is flat from any angle and I like it like that. The translucent swim ring adds a degree of reality to this dream scenario, as does her frail collarbone. I'm not letting you in the water unattended!

Those frills would be a micro-mini skirt on any other figure, but here they're props for a little girl playing grown-up. With that slight blush and pure look on her face I can't see her as anything other than my own daughter.

The Ferrari  sisters carry on Galileo's legacy (and immaculate genetics). Adopt Hozuki and own a part of history!

Preview:BEACH QUEENS - Galilei Donna: Hozuki Ferrari 1/10 Complete Figure by Wave
*Photos are of a prototype and the actual product may differ.