Event Report: Tokyo Toy Show 2014 - Ultraman Ginga S Production Presentation

Hey there, Shizu-Mecha here again! Presenting the new Ultraman character is becoming a Tokyo Toy Show tradition two years in the running! 2014 brings us the announcement of Ultraman Ginga S, starring the ancient Ultraman Victory.

Ryuichi Ohura as Yoshiaki Jinno, Defense Team UPG Captain

Yakari Taki as Arisa Sugita

Takahiro Katou as Gouki Matsumoto

Then there's the main star…


Is his transformation stuck?!

There we go. Takuya Negishi is reprising his role as the human host of Ultraman Ginga, Hikaru Raido! He's grown quite a bit from his days as a student...

Uji Kiyotaka stars as Ultraman Victory/Shou, a member of the underground dwellers known as Victorians. Here he is with some of his people, including Denpa Gumi Inc.'s Moga Mogami!

Kyaaaaa! Don't let the kaiju destroy the Tokyo Toy Show!

Put Ultraman on a stage and this is bound to happen! EX Red King joined in for an unfair 2-on-1 fight. Everyone, cheer for the powers of good!

Ultraman Victory is here for… Victory! EX Red King bit the dust with one special attack.

Ginga powered up with Ultraman Ginga Strium and unleashed a wicked Strium Breath that sent him flying.

Victory's Ultra Lancer gives him the power of kaiju, in this case an EX Red King Knuckle! What other variations will we see in the show?

The end of the show was marked with a photo session with the entire lineup! I'm sure I'm not alone when I say I cannot wait to see what they have in store for us in season 2!

This 100% electric UPG-EV1 SCHNAUZER based on the Nissan Leaf is also on display at the Tokyo Toy Show. If you get a chance to visit this weekend make sure to seek it out!

Ultraman Ginga S begins airing on July 15th 2014 (Tues) from 18:00 on TV Tokyo!