Preview: Super Pochaco -Cowgirl- 1/6 Complete Figure by Vertex

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Howdy partners! Meshi here, ready to serve up another heaping helping of figure previews. Today's figure is as pretty as a wagon, and as big as one too! That's right, folks. Saddle up and get ready to ride to the M.O.E. Corral with Super Pochaco. Let's dig in!

Super Pochaco -Cowgirl- 1/6 Complete Figure [Vertex]

Wee doggies, this ain't Pochaco's first time to the rodeo concession stand!

Pochaco's hips are wide enough to graze cattle on, and with feed bags larger than her head there's no need to worry about going hungry out on the range!

When cowboys stare up at the Milky Way at night, the only stars on their minds are the ones on Pochaco's bikini.

Never approach a bull from the front or a horse from the rear, but Pochaco is safe from all sides. We will get to her badlands later, so for the time being just take a good long look at the sculpts of her fringed leather vest and twin tails.

If this side view doesn't have you cowboys yippin' and howlin' your 10-gallon hats might be on too tight.

Here's an aerial view of her grand canyon. What I wouldn't give to get gorged on her gorge!

Remove the vest and shorts if you're the bareback type. This gal is loaded with meat but she packs it in all the right places, somehow managing to maintain a lovely hourglass figure.

Caution: Wide Load! The only thing that's missing here is the bumper sticker that reads "Save a Horse, Ride a Cowgirl!"

My old man once said that big girls are like donkeys, fun to ride until your buddies see you. But this is 2014! Where's your pioneering spirit? Join me in trailblazing a new path on the bishojo frontier and pick up Pochaco today. And remember- never squat with your spurs on!

Super Pochaco -Cowgirl- 1/6 Complete Figure [Vertex]

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*Photos are of a prototype and the actual product may differ.