Open Your Heart at Tokyo Anime Center

Turn that frown upside down! The Tokyo Anime Center is hosting an exhibit of the rainbow-headed mascot with an infectious smile, Open-chan!

Wait, you've never heard of him and his band of fun-loving friends? That's not a surprise if you live outside of Taiwan. Dentsu, the mammoth Japanese ad agency, gave Open-chan life in 2005 to brand 7-11 convenience stores in Taiwan. According to the press release, this cute little space dog flew from his home planet with his magic wand that has the power to open anything, even the hearts and minds of humanity!   

He was followed by his two little sisters, Please and Secret who decided to take on human form and move to Japan where they started an idol unit. Their voices--and on-stage personas--are played by Love Live! voice actresses, with Pile as the pink-haired Please (Maki Nishikino and Aina as the pouty-faced Secret (Nozomi Toujou).

Open-chan has been working his magic on consumers' wallets for nearly a decade by appearing on packaging, character goods and in the pages of whimsical children's books. There's even plans to build a resort hotel based on his adventures. Fun for the whole family! 

The characters and their relationships are too complicated to get into here, but you can pour over the lore on the official homepage. Only design by committee could give us a cast as familiar and charmingly sanitized as the world of Open-chan!

Event dates: April 29th-May 11th 
Address: 4-14-1 Soto Kanda, Chiyoda-ku Tokyo
Akihabara UDX Building 4F
Hours: 11:00-19:00
Closed Monday
Official homepage: