News Roundup for May 30th, 2014

Faster Than a Laser Bullet

Every new bit of information leaked about the continuation of Sword Art Online is worth its weight in gold. The latest commercial previews the opening track, Ignite, by series regular Aoi Eir. If the song is any indication of what we can expect then this season's 'gonna be a real banger. Just one more month until the premier!

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Gigalo's Island

The cast of School Days find themselves stranded on a desert island in the 3DS spin-off title, Island Days. Wild bears, starvation and jealous girlfriends threaten your life at every turn. Try to survive and take a nice boat back to the mainland when it casts off on July 3rd

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School is in Session

Tactics! Magic! Action! What else does a cirriculum need? The teaser for PS Vita title from Namco Bandai Games, The Irregular at Magic High School: Out of Order, promises all this and more! Have your CAD at the ready for the 2014 release.

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One Hell of a Freakshow

Break out the doilies and brew a pot of tea because Black Butler is back. We're being served the Book of Circus TV series this summer followed by the Book of Murder OVA in the fall. All this media exposure hints at the possibility of--dare I say it?--a sequel to the live action movie!

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GiTS Has Never Looked This Sexy

All you need is a pool, a nude model and top-shelf CG modeling skills and you too can craft your very own cyborg woman! Ash Thorp, the concept artist behind the futuristic displays in Ender's Game, Prometheus, Total Recall and other Hollywood blockbusters, has teamed up with like-minded filmmakers to give us a glimpse of what a live-action Ghost in the Shell remake could look like. If you're averse to 3D boobs and butts, you may want to avert your eyes.

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Gon Viral

Twitter user @LEGOdouMoko broke out every black brick in their collection to create this scale representation of the Bandai Gon figure that's making rounds on the anitwitter. Head over to their account for more Lego mecha and Internet memes.



Whatever Imaichi-tan lacks in moe she makes up for in heart! The Internet celebrity will be appearing in the theatrical release of Robot Girls Z alongside moe-ified versions of Nagai Go's classic robots. Let's hope they kept the original design!

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