Blasting The Yellow Flag to Pieces at Black Lagoon Cafe

We at the AmiAmi blog like to think of ourselves as unpaid guns for hire. We take on any job, anywhere, regardless of the danger. We roasted alive inside a car at the school swimsuit car wash. We endured the embarrassment of two men sharing pancakes at the Kiki Lala cafe. And we still have the sunburn from Summer Comiket.

Take it from this dog of war--if you want to celebrate returning alive from a suicide mission, there's only one place: EA Shooting Bar.

EA Shooting Bar may be in Kichijouji but their current campaign aims to transport you to Roanapur where you'll throw back shots and trade gunfire with the members of Black Lagoon. The venue celebrates the title's tenth anniversary with an art gallery, magnified manga panels and enough Airsoft weapons to arm a survival game tournament.

Try double fisting this Revy cocktail and you'll end up on the floor before you get to the figs. Dig your heels in deep and prepare for the recoil, this is one girly drink that separates the men from the boys.

The Roberta cocktail came with a Kevlar umbrella to protect your drink from stray Airsoft pellets ricocheting out of the shooting range. It contains Opal Nera, a liqueur made from the Mediterranean plant anise--the same thing that gives Jagermeister that black licorice sting--which means it hits your tongue like a shotgun.

The Rip-Off Church lives up to its name with this salad made of vegetables grown on its grounds. Avocados, olives and daikon radish all in the same garden? Exporting organic produce must be a good side business when smuggling jobs dry up. 

The Hansel and Gretel sausages manage to stuff a Japanese pun into a snuff film prop. Wonder what else they fit in there? "Souseiji," the Japanese word for twins, is a homonym for sausage. But these franks weren't identical. One was unflavored, the other spicy. Which is Hansel and which is Gretel? They don't even know themselves! 

Both Roberta and the contents of the pill bottle are eight kind of nuts. Roberta's meds supposedly suppress her urge to kill. Me, they just made me more thirsty. 

The shooting range sets EA apart from the competition. Pick your piece from the catalog, buy as many clips as you want and go to town. Aside from the standard-issue magnum, machine guns and pistols, you can fire famous firearms including RoboCop's sidearm or Lupin's Walther P38. Ever wanted to hit the dirt and put the fear of God into your enemy like Rico does with his M60? Now's your chance!

Wrap your fingers around the ivory grip of the Sword Cutlass and become an instant bad-ass. My gun-kata isn't up to par but it was enough to blow apart Balalaika's good side. 

The HK69 grenade launcher is as ridiculous as it sounds. Each round is packed with nearly 100 pellets that obliterate everything in front of you--assuming that you're shooting at poster stock. 

Between the masterful mixed drinks, appetizing menu and a gun collection worthy of a small militia, it's easy to blow through an evening at EA Shooting Bar. As tasty as the cocktails are, keep your head on straight and make every shot count.

Event dates: May 21st-June 16th
Address:1-5-5 Gotenyama, Musashino-shi Tokyo
Sawada Building 2F
Hours: 17:00-25:00 (Closed Tuesday)
Official homepage: