News Roundup for May 20th, 2014

Take My Advice, I'm Not Using It

When people without any life experience dish out advice like they're the authority on the matter, hilarity ensues! The anime adaptation of the light novel Jinsei Soudan follows newspaper club editor Yuuki Akamatsu as he tries to rope his harem into writing an advice column that's not totally insane. Watch his worries multiply when Studio Feel (Kiss x sis, Outbreak Company) submit their anime adaptation this July.

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Producers Make the Best Consumers

Convenience store chain Lawson has exhausted their stock of conventional character goods--towels, posters and SD figures--so they're banking on the surreal. Their promotion for the PlayStation 3 game IDOLM@STER ONE FOR ALL gives you a chance to win Ami and Mami hand puppet DLC, character straps where the girls are packed into bags of fried chicken and most impressive, an exclusive voice actress event! Building up the points to apply to the lotto may seem daunting but there's plenty of original items to justify your spending.

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Personal Space Invaders

Stop me if you've heard this one--a high school student moves out of his parents' home to live by himself for the semester, only to find that he has unwanted roommates. He's soon joined by a ghost, a magical girl, a subterranean from an ancient civilization and an alien--at least, that's what they claim to be. How is a boy supposed to study for his college entrance exams when the room is so cramped that he can't stretch out his legs without kicking a bishoujo? Find out when the light novel Rokujyouma no Shinryakusha!? gets an anime adaption this summer.

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Shlock Rock

You know when your fingers are flying across the fret board so fast that it starts a blaze that burns off your clothes on stage? That's Climax Ecstasy, baby! Let visual-kei band Vistlip take you there as they perform Jack, the opening track for the upcoming anime adaptation of otome game Bakumatsu Rock. The historic retelling casts the Tokugawa Shogunate as a dictatorship that brainwashes the masses with state-sponsored Heaven's Song music spread by their army of Shinsengumi male idol singers. Only the six-string samurai Ryoma Sakamoto can save the land with his rock 'n roll band of freedom fighters.

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One-up AKB48

Uta Puri proved that girls love idols as much as guys, if not more. Record label Starchild is capitalizing on this craze with animation studio ZEXCS (Diabolik Lovers, The Flowers of Evil) to produce Shounen Hollywood -Holly Stage for 49, an anime adaptation of a media-mix franchise about the titular male idol group who train, study and play at a theater in Harajuku. You can bet the seiyuu themselves will be just as dreamy as their 2D counterparts when the show hits the airwaves this summer.

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Adopt an Animator

Being an animator is hard. You work long hours for low pay, have zero job security and critics will tear your work--and soul--apart. Instant ramen is a luxery. That's why established animators Naoyuki Asano (Tatami Galaxy) and Shingo Yamashita (Gatchaman Crowds) are working with the NPO Animator Supporters to setup dormitories for junior animators that ensures them a first world standard of living.

If you want to give animators something to subsist on other than their own tears, head over to Indiegogo and see how you can contribute. Backers will receive production materials from the Kimisora music video embedded above as well as pride in knowing that you helped save the industry.

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