Akihabara GAMERS Goes Goo-goo Gaa-gaa for Puchimas!

How do you make a stable of perky young idols more adorable than they already are? Easy--shrink them down to super deformed size and magnify their personality quirks! Or so goes the reasoning behind Puchimas! Petit IDOLM@STER, an IDOLM@STER spin-off where the girls of 765 Production are accompanied by very small, very strange analogues of themselves. 

The series began in 2008 as a four-panel manga written and illustrated by an arcade employee that goes by the pen name Akane. Gamers in Akihabara is currently running a Puchimas! exhibit where you can see copies of the original art up-close and personal. 

The pudgy little creatures piggybacked on the success of 765 Production as well as the rise of animated Internet shorts. Their madcap antics received an anime adaptation in January 2013 and the second season is currently being streamed by Funimation. I highly recommend it if you're the type to lose an afternoon watching cute cat videos on YouTube.

Which Puchimas if your favorite? Is it Chihya, who's too infantile to pronounce words when she sings? Or Afuu, who's too tuckered out to wake up? Or maybe Makochii, who's too fat to stand. No matter who you root for you're in for short bursts of epic cuteness! 

Event dates: April 26th-May 11th 
Address: 1-14-7 Soto Kanda, Chiyoda-ku Tokyo
Takarada Building 5F
Hours: 10:00-21:00
Official homepage: http://www.anibro.jp/museum/index_petitmas2.html